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About Faculty of Science


The Faculty of Science runs since the establishment of the Batticaloa University College on 1st August 1981. Faculty of Science consists of five Departments, namely, Department of Botany, Department of Chemistry, Department of Mathematics, Department of Physics and Department of Zoology. The Department of Botany and Department of Zoology have a good collection of locally available and imported Species the herbarium (Botany) and Museum (Zoology) to make the teaching more meaning full and fruitful. The Faculty offers the subjects Botany, Chemistry, Applied Mathematics, Pure Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics and Zoology.

Faculty of Science, Eastern University, Sri Lanka, aims to be a national centre of Excellent for higher learning and research with the competitive advantage, responsive to the dynamics of the regional, National and Global conditions.

Faculty of Science is to be a National Centre for Excellent in teaching and research. Our teaching and researches are geared to regional and national needs. Batticaloa District has ample of human and natural resources. Curriculum is geared to education and training suited to modern needs of the globe, thereby enhancing the socio-economic development of the region and people. The faculty is committed to work for this goal.

Future Developments

The steps are being made to commence the following new academic programmes and Department in the Faculty of Science.

(i) Establishment of Department of Computer Science
(ii) Science Education Unit
(iii) Degree Programmes in Bachelor of Computer System Science (BCSS) and Information and Communication System (BICS) 
(iv) Degree programme in Aquatic Resource Management
(v) Masters Degree in Environmental Science
(vi) Diploma in Laboratory Technology.