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Department of Zoology

Welcome to Department of Zoology.

Department provides wide range of sound academic and practical knowledge in Animal Diversity, Cell Biology & Biochemistry, Ecology, Development Biology, Genetics, Parasitology, Animal behavior and Evolution, Fisheries, Fish Biology, Applied Entomology, Human Biology, Aquaculture, Fish and Shell fish diseases, Laboratory Techniques, Environmental Science, Marine Biology, Mammalian Biology, Comparative Anatomy, Natural Resource Management and Developmental Planning and Advanced Pest Management. It produces students specialized in wide range of laboratory and field based research annually. Further the department provides diploma in aquatic resource management and other courses depends on demand and postgraduate courses leading to M. Phil and PhD.

Department has a commitment to team work in sprit of cooperation and openness while building on past achievements; fostering a stable and community-oriented research and training. Department is committed to working with relevant industries closer and create more effective partnership with national institutions, private sector along with civil society to achieve long-term sustainability in the fisheries and aquaculture.