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Statistical Service Unit (SSU),  Dept. of Mathematics

Statistical Service Unit (SSU)

This is a unit established to provide statistical services to the university and local community and to educate our students through statistical services.


The vision of this unit is to “provide the best statistical services for the community”.


  • Provide a broad range of statistical services to guide researches (E.g. planning/designing, data collection, analysis, etc.)
  • Improve appropriate usage of statistical methods
  • Provide training on statistical software such as Minitab, SPSS, SAS, R, R Studio,STATA, Eviews
  • Conduct workshops and seminars on statistical usage
  • Create an environment for statistics to learn through real problems

1.Functions and Services

Conducting workshops and courses

The following workshops and courses are conducted depending on demands. Details about the workshops and training organized by the SSU, will be available in this web page.

Workshops are supposed to be conducted:
  • Workshop on Data Analysis
  • Workshop on Design of Experiments and Analysis
  • Workshop on Time Series Data Modeling
  • Workshop on Non-parametric Analysis
  • Workshop on Statistical Quality Control
  • Workshop on Statistical Modeling
  • Workshop on Hypothesis tests
  • Workshop on Research Methodology
  • Workshop on Statistical Modeling
Courses supposed to be conducted:
  • Short Course in Statistics
  • Certificate Course in Statistics
  • Diploma in Statistics

2. Providing Statistical Consultancy Services

SSU provide a broad range of statistical consultancy services to the university and local community. However depending on the nature of the research and service required, a service charges, that is decided by the SSU, will applicable.

  • Planning research and surveys
  • Designing Experiments
  • Data collection
  • Designing Sampling plans
  • Designing Questionnaire
  • Analysis
  • Statistical Modeling
  • Report writing
  • Procedure of getting service

The clients are expected to get an appointment to meet the Coordinator of the unit,through the Head of Department of Mathematics. After obtaining the service,clients are requested to fill a form (form is attached) that requires information of clients and their satisfaction on the service of the unit. Internal research students are expected to communicate through respective supervisor/s with a list of services

3. Outreach programmes

On request, workshops or training programs could be conducted for the community outside the University. Such requests should be made in written to the Head of Department of Mathematics.

  • Seminar for School Students
  • Seminar for employees

4. Collaborations:

It is expected to connect external and internal researchers and conduct collaborative researches.