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09-Sep-2023 Notice to Students
28-Aug-2023 Calling for Examination Entry Form - 1st Year 1st semester, 2ndYear 2nd semester, 3rd Year 2nd semester (2019/2020) Old Syllabus
Entry Form Notice.pdf
24-Aug-2023 Application - Examination Entry Form - 1st Year 2nd Semester - 2020/2021 Batch (2020/2021 Academic Year) - Proper/Repeat
Calling Application for Examinations Y1S2 2020 2021.pdf
25-Jul-2023 Mahapola Eligible List - 2020/2021 Batch
21-Jul-2023 Tentative Calendar of Dates - Academic Year 2021/2022 - First Year (2021/2022 Intake)
1st Yr - 2021_2022.pdf
07-Jun-2023 Revised Calendar of Dates
2nd Yr 1st Sem - Revised - 2019_2020 Batch - 06.06.2023.pdf
29-May-2023 Notice to 2019/2020 in take Batch 2nd year Subject Combination
22-May-2023 2nd Year Subject Combination - 2019/2020 Batch (2020/2021 Academic Year)
19-May-2023 Calendar of Dates - Academic Year 2020/2021
1st Yr 2nd Sem - 2020_2021 batch - Ac.Yr_. 2020_2021.pdf , 2nd Yr 1st Sem - 2019_2020 batch - Ac.Yr_. 2020_2021.pdf
21-Apr-2023 Bursary Scholarship - 2020/2021 Batch
BIO-SCIENCE-2020-2021.pdf , PHYSICAL-SCIENCE-2020-2021.pdf
16-Sep-2022 Crash Session re-scheduled
26-Aug-2022 Closing Date Extended - Master of Science in Science Education - MSc (Sc. Ed) for the year 2022
24-Aug-2022 Commencement of Crash Session - 2019/2020 Intake Batch
Inviting for Crash Session 2019-2020 Intake batch Batch.pdf
02-Aug-2022 Calling Applications for Examinations
Calling Application for Examinations Y1S2 2018 2019.pdf
27-Jul-2022 RESCHEDULED- Crash Session for 3rd Year 1st Semester -(2017/2018- Intake Batch) Academic Year 2019/2020
CRASH SESSION -Rescheduled .pdf