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Department of Physics

Welcome to Department of Physics.

Physics is at the core of our intellectual understanding of natural phenomena and the foundation of many scientific disciplines, and contributes immensely to scientific and technological advances. Moreover, physics is both a theoretical and practical discipline which continually evolves with profound scientific questioning; for example, theories of relativity and quantum mechanics has revolutionised the way of thinking of mankind.

The Department of Physics in the Eastern University, Sri Lanka (EUSL) endeavours to provide an excellent and conducive intellectual, social and physical environment in which learning and research may flourish so that both the students and staff exploit their potential to promote themselves and to establish a noble status to the University at national and international levels.

The department offers both three year and four year courses in physics, which form the two basic routes to B.Sc. general and special degrees. The three year course in physics is one of three main subjects of the general degree programme, and the four year course is designed for students who wish to pursue a professional career in physics. In both three and four year courses our aim is to impart a sound knowledge of the fundamental elements of physics by providing learning experiences such as how to identify the appropriate physical principles; how to turn a physics problem into a mathematical form and have an understanding of mathematical modelling and of the role of assumptions and approximations; how to plan, execute and report the results of an experiment or investigation with a measure of limitations and limits of uncertainty; how to compare results critically with predictions from theory; etc. The department strives to impart a range of transferable skills through its teaching, learning and evaluation strategies such as investigative, analytical, problem solving, IT, communication, interpersonal and ethical skills. Therefore, a physics graduate from EUSL would be better equipped to address issues from first-principles and deliver innovative, robust and holistic solutions