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Academic Staff


Prof. F. C. Ragel
B.Sc. (Hons) (EUSL), Ph.D. (Witswatersrand, South Africa), Accredited Teacher in HE (SEDA, UK), C.Phys.(SL).
Professor of Physics /
Research Interest: Strongly correlated electron systems (SCES): f-electron magnetism, Kondo effect, f-moment dilution, Heavy Fermions, non-Fermi-liquids, quantum criticality and superconductivity; General Relativity: Einstein’s field Equations.


Prof. P. Peratheepan
B.Sc. (Hons) (EUSL), M.Sc. (PGIS, UPDN),
PhD (Johannesburg, South Africa)
Professor in Physics / ​​
Research Interest: Synthesis of cage structured strongly correlated electron compounds, and investigating the underlying physical processes which results exotic electronic ground states of 4f-electron magnetism due to enigmatic electron-electron interactions.


Dr. Queenie. Y. Soundararajah 
B.Sc (Hons) (EUSL, Sri Lanka), M.Phil (UPDN, Sri Lanka), PhD (UOB, UK)
Senior Lecturer (Grade I)
E-mail: /
Research Interest: My interests lie in using transmission electron microscopy to characterize nanomaterials, in particular the semiconductors that are used to make solar cells and light emitting devices. Imaging, electron diffraction and analytical studies that include energy dispersive X-ray microanalysis (EDX), electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS) and cathodoluminescence (CL) to characterize nanomaterials and defects are also of interest. The semiconducting materials that I worked with using transmission electron microscopy for my PhD thesis includes InGaN, GaN, Si and MoO3..


Dr. P. Rodney Fernando
PhD (Condensed Matter Physics), University of Johannesburg, South Africa.MSc (Physics of Materials), University of Peradeniya, BSc ( Hons.) ( Physics Special ) Second Upper Division, Eastern University, Sri Lanka.
Senior Lecturer (Grade I)
Email: /
Research Interest: New Innovations and Inventions, IOT-related research, Material Science, Polymers, Renewable Energy and resources,  and Superconducting Materials.

Sanjeevadharshini Aynharan

Mrs.Sanjeevadharshini Aynharan
B.Sc. (Hons) (EUSL)
Lecturer (Probationary)
Research Interest: Nano physics: My interest is to develop the higher efficiency, effectively, low cost Dye Sensitized Solar cells by using the nano particle and different types of dyes and electrolyte.

Mrs. Hamigah Anton Tharshanth

Mrs.Hamigah Anton Tharshanth
B.Sc.(Hons)(EUSL) , M.Sc.(Reading)(Peradeniya)
Research Interest:Medical Physics, Magnetic Susceptibility measurements by developing an apparatus in low temperature.

Mrs. D.P. Ubeysekara
B.Sc. (Hons) / (Jaffna)
Lecturer (Probationary)
Research Interest: Research related to the Material Science in developing thin film solar cells to achieve high efficiency devices and synthesizing various dimensionality nano-structures to fabricate low-cost Dye Sensitized Solar cells.