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16-Sep-2022 Crash Session re-scheduled
26-Aug-2022 Closing Date Extended - Master of Science in Science Education - MSc (Sc. Ed) for the year 2022
24-Aug-2022 Commencement of Crash Session - 2019/2020 Intake Batch
Inviting for Crash Session 2019-2020 Intake batch Batch.pdf
02-Aug-2022 Calling Applications for Examinations
Calling Application for Examinations Y1S2 2018 2019.pdf
27-Jul-2022 RESCHEDULED- Crash Session for 3rd Year 1st Semester -(2017/2018- Intake Batch) Academic Year 2019/2020
CRASH SESSION -Rescheduled .pdf
25-Jul-2022 Crash Session 3Y 1S -2017/2018 -Intake Batch (Academic Year 2019/2020)
Notice Crash Session 3Y 1S 2017-2018.pdf , Crash Seesion TT- 3Y 1S.pdf
04-Jul-2022 Revised ODL Time Table - 1Y 1S and 2S / 2Y 1S & 2S
1 Y 1S & 2S.pdf , 2Y 1S & 2S.pdf
28-Jun-2022 Commencement of Crash Session - 2018/2019 Batch
1Y1S Crash Session 2018.2019.pdf
21-Jun-2022 Calling Applications for Examinations Third Year Second Semester 2018/2019 (Revised & Old Curriculum)
Calling Application for Examinations Y3S2 2018 2019.pdf
06-Jun-2022 ODL Mode Time Table (1st Y 1st S and 2nd S) 2019/2020 Batch
ODL Mode Time Table 2019-2020.pdf
06-Jun-2022 Calling Application for Examinations Y2S2 2018 2019 and Exam TIME TABLE
Calling Application for Examinations Y2S2 2018 2019.pdf , Second Year Second Semester Examination in Science 2018 2019 June July 2022 EXAM TIME TABLE.pdf
23-May-2022 Calling Applications for Examinations -1st Year 1st Semester 2018/2019
Calling Application for Examinations Y1S1.pdf
18-May-2022 Third Year First Semester Examination in Science – 2018/2019 (February/ March/ April/ May 2022) Recommencing from 19th May 2022 (Revised)
Recommencing from 19th May 2022 (Revised) TIME TABLE.pdf
29-Apr-2022 Re-commencement of Academic Sessions
27-Apr-2022 Online Student Enrollment for the Intake Year 2020/2021-Faculty of Science
Student Affairs Letter_0.pdf , Student Enrolment_1.pdf