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Undergraduate Programme

The study programme is designed in a way to offer courses sequenced in Levels: A General Degree, three-year programme (BSc general) and a Special Degree four-year programme (BSc Honours).

(a) Bachelor’s Degree Programme, 3 years

The purpose of this qualification is to prepare a graduate with a broad knowledge on theory, practice and methodology of at least two Principal subjects of science that enable them to bear responsibility in an academic or professional environment. In addition to the principal subjects, students offer a variety of courses namely Auxiliary course, Enhancement courses and Supplementary courses.

(b) Bachelors’ Degree Programme, 4 years, Botany (Major)

The purpose of this qualification is to provide in-depth knowledge in a particular principal subject in order to equip graduates with knowledge, practice, and methodology that prepare them for research-based postgraduate studies or professional development in that discipline. This qualification demands a high level of theoretical/practical engagement and intellectual independence.