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Prof. M. Sithambaresan
B.Sc.(Hons) (UJ), Grad.C.Chem, M.Phil. (UPDN), Ph.D. (CUSAT, India)
Professor in Chemistry,
Research Interest: Synthesis and characterization of transition metal complexes. Single crystal X-ray studies on organic and inorganic metal complexes, Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) studies on transition metal complexes.
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Prof. S. Arasaretnam
B.Sc.(Hons)(EUSL), A.I.Chem.C, M.Sc.(USJP), Ph.D.(USJP), Research Fellow (CSIR-IICT, India)
Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science
Research Interest: Polymer Chemistry: Selective functional group incorporation into macromolecular architecture and their role in applications, Synthetic modification of natural products, Absorption properties of tannin-based resins derived from locally available material, and Computational studies on the reactivity of polyphenolic compounds.Environmental Chemistry: Water quality.


Mr. G. Parthiban
B.Sc.(Hons) (UJ), M.Phil. (USJP)
Senior Lecturer (Grade I)
Research Interest: Computational quantum Chemistry, molecular modeling, surface Chemistry


Dr. M. Koneswaran
B.Sc.(EUSL), M.Sc. (PGIS, UPDN), Ph.D.(Manchester, UK)
Senior Lecturer (Grade II)
E-mail: /
Research Interest: Development of optical sensors using different types of nanoparticles, Quantum dots, Nanoconcrete, development of superhydrophobic surfaces, Nanomaterials and Nanocomposites

Dr. B.S.W. Karunarathna
B.Sc (USJ), PhD (USJ)
Senior Lecturer (Grade II)
Department of Chemistry
Faculty of Science
Research Interest: Computational Material Modelling and Simulation

Dr. R. Joy Ebenezer
B.Sc. (Hons) (EUSL), Ph.D. (Aberdeen, UK)
Senior Lecturer (Grade II)
: /
Research Interest: Extraction and isolation of natural products from microorganisms and plants, characterization of natural products using UV, IR, NMR and MS, identification of the biosynthetic pathways of new natural products.

Venujah Pratheep

Mrs Venujah Pratheep
B.Sc (Hons) (EUSL)
Lecturer Probationary in Chemistry
Research Interest:Modification of functional groups in organic compounds and relevant applications. 

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