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Activities Carried Out

Building awareness of science education and of attitude development to school students

Advance level Chemistry Practicals

Motivating teachers towards effective teaching - 22nd January, 2021

Supporting the professional growth of teachers - 18th October 2019

Seminar on "The importance of education and proper learning methods" - 10th May, 2018

Seminar on "the importance of education and proper learning methods" - 02nd May, 2018

Workshop on "The real nature of human mind and attitude development" - 02nd April, 2018


Expanding and sustaining effective science education programmes in schools

Many schools in our region do not have proper laboratory facilities to carry out their practicals in their own and urgently need our help to facilitate and expand their A/L education. Therefore, this year, we provide demonstrations of some selected practicals for A/L science students of some schools who could not do practicals in their schools. This is being done on their request. However, we planned to offer a sustaining effective education by helping them to refurbish their laboratory and provide training to the laboratory assistants of the schools.

Visit to laboratories in schools

BT/Methodist Central College (16 June, 2018)


Several practical demonstrations were done for A/L students of some schools in the department of Chemistry and Botany in our faculty.

Practical demonstrations to A/L Students (Vincent Girls High School)

Practical demonstrations to A/L Students (Sivanantha National School)