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Dr. J. C. N. Rajendra (Editor-in-Chief)
Dr. V. Arulnandhy
Dr. Meena Dharmaratnam
Dr. T. Sritharan
Dr. M. Nagappan

1 Separation techniques of flabelliferins from palmyrah (Borassus flabellifer L.) fruit pulp
D.D Ariyasena, J.K.Nikawala, E.R.Jansz and A.M Abeysekera
2 Analytical studies on irrigation water at Kaluthawalai in the Batticaloa district.
K.Vaheesar, Thevaki Mahendran and H.M.D Namal Priyantha
3 Cholesterol lowering effect of Aporosa lindleyana in male Wistar rats.
L.Vijayendran and S.M.D.N. Wichramasinghe
4 Comparison of analytical techniques for separation of n-linked oligosaccharides in a model glycoprotein (Ribonuclease B)
U.G. Chandrika and G.E. Norris
5 Lequme-fish integration: Cultivation of soybean and bush bean under saturated soil condition with blue gourami.
Udani Edirisinghe, L.J.P.D Jayasooriya and K.G. Nandasena
6 Glutathione is an essential metabolite required for resistance to oxidative stress and induction of stress tolerance in yeast Saccharomyces cerevisias
S.Judy Arasanila and Kenneth Watson
7 Investigation of the free steroid from palmyrah (Borassus flabellifer L.) fruit pulp
J.K.Nikawala, P.Baeckstrom, E.R.Jansz and A.M.Abeysekera
8 Preparation and resistance measurements of BSCCO superconductors.
Ganesan, N.Pathmanathan, J.C.N.Rajendra and B.S.B.Karunaratna.
9 Projective and part metric techniques in proving the existence of unique positive solutions for non-linear integral equations.