Voume 3(1)


Editorial Board
Dr. J. C. N. Rajendra (Editor-in-Chief)
Dr. V. Arulnandhy
Dr. Meena Dharmaratnam
Dr. T. Sritharan
Dr. N. Pathmanathan


1 Ranging pattern, feeding and time budget of langurs (semnopithecus entellus) in a recently established home range at Eastern University Campus, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka
Riyas Ahamed and Meena Dharmaaretnam
2 The range of steroidal saponins of palmyrah flour: could they contribute to toxic effect on consumers
Nadi T.Wickramasekara and E.R.Jansz
3 Effect of burial depth and cultural practices on nutlets emergence and viability of cyperus Rotundus L. under up land conditions in the dry zone, Sri Lanka
S. Rajadurai
4 Anti microbial properties of Lantana camara leaves
S.Rajadurai and S.Kanagasingam
5 Willingness of Sri Lankan farmers to pay for a scheme to conserve elephants: Exploratory study
Ranjith Bandara and Clem Tisdell
6 Collision handling of Polyhedral Objects-A survey
7 A stochastic analysis of the long tern rainfall of Batticaloa in relation to crop-climatic patterns
C. Elankumaran