Voume 5(1)


Editorial Board
Dr. M. Vinobaba (Editor-in-Chief)
Prof. V. Arulnandhy
Dr. N. Pathmanathan
Dr. P. Vinobaba
Dr. T. Sritharan
Dr. A. G. Johnpillai
Mrs. C. G. Devadasan

1 Effect of a high dose of Sri Lankan black tea brew (Camellia sinensis) on body weight, liver and kidney functions in rats
W.D. Ratnasooriya and T.S.P. Fernando
2 Changes in well water quality with distance from the Mula right bank canal of Rahuri Tahsil, Maharashtra, India,
M. Sugirtharan, B.D. Bhakare and D.D. Pawara
3 Assessment of landuse changes in the Batticaloa district (2000 -2003/2005) for the preparation of a (spatial) zonation plan to aid in decision making for development
K. Partheepan, M. Manobavan and N.D.K.Dayawansa
4 A new technique to gauge the vulcanization kinetics of natural rubber latex using viscosity measurements and the use of the above method to study effects of variation of activator content on vulcanization of NR latex
T. Sathaananthan and L. Karunanayake
5 A tutorial modelling approach to explain the reflexes in the system dynamics of the Batticaloa Lagoon in response to discharge from irrigation tanks
S. Santharooban
6 Effects of drying methods on the quality characteristics of mango powder
Mahendran, T
7 Yield performance of red onion (Allium ascalonium. L) under different Irrigation Management in Jaffna Peninsula
Thushyanthy Mikunthan and T. Srivaratharasan
8 Histopathalogy of Procamallanous lonis ( Yamaguti ,1935) from economically important fin fish within Batticaloa lagoon.
Sujaraini. V and Vinobaba. P
9 Fast Algorithms for Sequence Pattern Recognition in Massive Datasets
D. Gunaseelan

Short Communication

1 Identification and distribution of worker ants at Vantharumoolai region, Eastern province, a preliminary communication,
A.C.F. Shamla Jesmil and M. Vinobaba
2 A comparative study on the field performance of selected cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) cultivars in the sandy regosols of Batticaloa district
M.M. Muhaijeer1, S. Srikrishnah and S. Mahendran