Vol. 9 No. 2

December - 2018

Chief Editor
Dr. S. Arasaretnam

Editorial Board
Prof. P. Vinobaba
Prof. A. G. Johnpillai
Prof. F. C. Ragel
Dr. T. Mathiventhan
Mr. A. L. S. Saabith

1 Review on sentiment analysis in Tamil texts
Sajeetha Thavareesan, Sinnathamby Mahesan
2 A markov model for investigating the stock market volume behavior
R. Tharshan, S. Arivalzahan
3 Effect of microwave heating on the quality and shelf life of whole grain wheat flour under air-conditioned storage
A. Inthuja, V. Anujaa, T. Mahendran, M. R. Roshana