Vol. 12 No. 1

August 2021

Chief Editor
Dr. T. Ealasukanthan

Editorial Board

Senior Prof. P. Vinobaba
Prof. S. Thirukkanesh
Prof. A. G. Johnpillai
Prof. F. C. Ragel
Prof. P. Peratheepan
Prof. S. Sithambaresan
Dr. T. Mathiventhan
Mr. S. Sotheeswaran
Mr. K. A. N. K. Karunarathna

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1 Prime labeling of special graphs
M. D. M. C. P. Weerarathna, T. R. D. S. M. Thennakoon, K. D. E. Dhananjaya and A. A. I. Perera
2 Properties of adjacency matrix of a graph and it's construction
Paramadevan, P. and Sotheeswaran, S.
3 The effect of natural substances on the radicle development of certain plant seeds during the early germination stage
K. Kaveevendan, K. Krishnadasan, and K. Thushanthan

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