Vol. 9 No. 1

November - 2017

Chief Editor
Dr. S. Arasaretnam

Editorial Board
Prof. P. Vinobaba
Prof. A. G. Johnpillai
Prof. F. C. Ragel
Dr. T. Mathiventhan
Mr. A. L. S. Saabith

1 Development and Quality Evaluation of Ready-to-Serve (RTS) Functional Beverage Prepared from Bael (Aegle marmelos L.) Fruit.
Gayathiri, S., Mahendran, T., and Roshana, M. R
2 Novel interval multiple linear regression model to assess the risk of invasive alien plant species.
Peiris, H.O.W., Chakraverty, S., Perera, SSN., and Ranwala, SMW
3 A Mathematical and Numerical Analysis of a Compartmental Model for a Single Strain Dengue Epidemic in the Presence of Vaccination.
Madhusankha, B. H. I., Ariyawansa, T. S. V., and Perera, S. S. N