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1 Antigestational effect of Icon ®, a parathyroid insecticide on late pregnancy of rats
S.S.K. Ratnayake, W.D. Ratnasooriya and Y.N.A. Jayatunga
2 Interconnectivities of processes in the Earth System: A case study on the influences of Mt.Pinatubo eruption in June 1991 as a possible stochastic catalytic trigger on increased terrestrial vegetation resilience to the ENSO
3 Vulnerability to stem xylem cavitations in three Eucalyptus spp.clones of 14 months old at two water regimes
P.Manoharan N.W.Pammenter
4 Principal component analysis (PCA) of morphometric data taken from the opistheptoral hard parts of Dactylogyrus vastator Nybelin, 1924 (Monogenea) reared at three experimental temperature