Voume 2(1)


Editorial Board
Dr. J. C. N. Rajendra (Editor-in-Chief)
Dr. V. Arulnandhy
Dr. Meena Dharmaratnam
Dr. T. Sritharan
Dr. N. Pathmanathan

1 Effect of Canavalia gladiata seed meal on impregnated ICR mice
Sagarika Ekanayake, E.R. Jansz and Sharmini Jeysekar
2 Nitrate and fluoride content in ground water in the Batticaloa district
3 Night human biting mosquitoes during the northeast monsoon in Batticaloa (dry zone) of Sri Lanka
K.Sujarahini, Manthri Ramasamy and Meena Dharmaretnam
4 Environmental impact of Valaichchenai paper mills effluen
Nanthini Selvadurai and S.T.Senthilmohan
5 Non-covlaently attached hexosamine-hexose of bovine alpha lactalbumin
6 Fermentation rates and efficiency of fruit pulps from palmyrah containing different flabelliferin profiles
Dilupi P Vendebona, Errol R.Jansz, S.Chandrani Wijeyaratne and Nalaka Ileperum
7 A novel synthetic method for fungal melanin biosynthesis intermediate, 1, 3, 6, 8-tetrahydroxynapthalene
M.K.B. Weerasooriya and E.Bardshiri
8 AC magnetic susceptibility measurements of Bi (Pb) – Sr – Ca- Cu- O superconductor in DC magnetic fields
N. Pathmanathan and A.L. Thomas
9 The diversity of resident birds in the campus of the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka
Chaminda Wijesundara and Charles Santiapillai